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Introduction to Busan Pine Tree Club


Busan Pine Tree Club (B-PTC) is a college student organization based in Busan, promoting international goodwill and understanding. The student club is one of the chapters of nation-wide Pine Tree Club, active in four largest cities in Korea, including Seoul, Daegu and Gwangju. The Pine Tree Club was founded in 1958 and will be ushering in its 50-year anniversary this year. A student organization aiming at global people-to-people understanding and association that has been active in the last half a century is quite rare in Korea.

With this tradition behind, B-PTC is one of the most active chapters of the club in Korea because Busan, the largest port city in Korea, has many foreign residents and international students seeking to understand Koreans’ mindset deeply and promote culture of their own countries.

Members include university students in Busan, whether Korean or international; foreign businesspersons and their spouses do also join the club and share fun, raising their awareness of the global cultural and ethnic diversity.

The club meets every week and Korean and international student members gather together and exchange opinions on selected topics in English. Sometimes, the main session, a discussion session on a given topic, heats up with lively opinion exchange and debate. Friendship and mutual understanding grows among the global members through these meetings. The club also provides opportunities to get together, such as visiting tourist resorts in and around Busan, climbing mountain, and doing sports.

Once a member graduates from the university, he or she becomes a senior member. Now, B-PTC has several hundreds of these seniors, including government officials, business executives, entrepreneurs and professors. Seniors are a great asset for the club because they support the activities of regular student members. The club is very proud of its seniors as most of them are leaders of every aspects of the society. To pick one for an example, Mr. Youngwoo Chun, the Korean government representative of the Six-way Talks for North Korea’s Denuclearization, used to be devoted member when he was a student as Pusan National University. Seniors also support the club financially through donations.

These years, B-PTC has been undergoing several measures reshaping its mission to cope with the fast globalization of the people, the markets, and the cultures. The club spearheads the movement of globalization and diversity understanding, and, as the club meetings are conducted in English, members could also sharpen their expertise in debating and expressing themselves.

We will welcome any new members this spring. Korean university students are welcomed, regardless their English skills. We also heartily welcome international students. Come to the meeting and become friends with the Korean students and introduce your own culture to the friendly Korean members. Ethnic background would not be a problem; it will only build up the club’s ethnic diversity, the aim of the B-PTC.

Come, Join us. Korean students will get to know a lot of international students and international students, in return, will increase their understanding of the Korean culture and people, especially Korea’s young generation.

For trial meeting participation,
Contact Mr. Lee Seung-soo
(Mobile: 010-3835-1089 / email: jd5229@nate.com)


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